All e-mails that do not go to your Inbox reside in MyDoorman’s PENDING LIST for as many days as you choose (default is 30).  You may review your PENDING LIST at any time by clicking on the MyDoorman Icon in the lower right system tray on your screen. 


If you review this regularly, you may want to exit the list by clicking on the ‘Exit All Reviewed’ button.  If you do this, the next time you view the PENDING LIST you will not be shown any that you have already reviewed.  You can always view all of the PENDING LIST by accessing it through a different option.


Anytime you find an e-mail in the PENDING LIST that you wish to send to your Inbox, simply click on its position in the list and you will be given options on whether to add the person to the GUEST LIST while you send it to the Inbox.



Copyright © 2004 by Dale Kramer





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