This is a list of e-mail addresses that is created during program setup or as time goes on. 
MyDoorman has a very broad import engine that can import all e-mail addresses in a text or cvs file.  Nearly all e-mail programs can export Address lists and e-mails to text files. 
Normally, e-mail from GUEST LIST addresses will go directly to your Inbox and bypass the PENDING LIST. 
This list is stored locally on your computer and is encrypted.  MyDoorman considers this your private information and never passes this information to anyone.  You may export the list into a text file for your use. 
On the rare occasion, you may choose to label a GUEST such that his e-mails always go to the PENDING LIST. 
You can even have MyDoorman add a Subject Signature to all e-mails sent from an account and/or assign a Subject Signature to be added to all e-mails to a particular recipient.  Use this in combination with assigning a Personal Key to a person on your GUEST LIST and you can have a very secure method of communication with anyone who agrees to add a Personal Key to the e-mail they send you. 
If they were also using MyDoorman, then their MyDoorman would add their Subject Signature (which is their Personal Key to your Inbox)  automatically the same way your Subject Signature (which is your Personal Key to his Inbox) would automatically get added to your e-mails to them.
If companies like PayPal would add a field that a user can set in their account information and put this field data into the subjects of all e-mails to the user, MyDoorman could filter out fraudulent e-mails that appear to come from PayPal.

Copyright 2004 by Dale Kramer