Managing SPAM your way!


MyDoorman is a memory resident program for people who would like to be able to return to the era when they could have the sound for 'New Mail Notification', actually turned on.  Here is how it works:


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MyDoorman will screen which e-mails arrive in your Inbox by qualifying them according to INBOX KEY rules and GUEST LIST rules  you set up.  MyDoorman also adds Subject Labels to all of your incoming e-mails so that you can understand what actions were taken by MyDoorman.
All E-mails that you receive that do not go to your Inbox are unqualified and are placed in a MyDoorman PENDING LIST for you to review and send to your Inbox at your leisure.  The e-mails in the PENDING LIST will be deleted after 30 days or whatever time period you have decided.
Reviewing the PENDING LIST is not really necessary if you have opted to have MyDoorman send out REFUSAL e-mails to the unqualified people trying to reach you.
Your REFUSAL e-mails request that the person trying to reach you, provide specific information to you in a second e-mail.  If they provide the correct information, their e-mail will come to your attention. This requested information is called a PENDING KEY.  This PENDING KEY is either a series of provided numbers or the answer to a question that you have asked and it must be placed in the subject of a return e-mail from the sender. 
Real human beings that receive the REFUSAL will respond with the PENDING KEY if they really want you to get their first e-mail.
Additionally, it is simple for you to set up INBOX KEY rules that allow welcome automatic mailers to bypass the PENDING LIST.  These include DOMAIN KEYS, SUBJECT KEYS and SKELETON KEYS.
To further ensure that e-mails from welcome automatic mailers come to your attention, MyDoorman monitors all your keystrokes.  Whenever you type one of your e-mail accounts, you will be asked whether you will be expecting a return e-mail as a result of typing your e-mail address.  If you say yes, then you will be given the option to add a new SKELETON KEY to make sure the e-mail comes to your attention without having to review the PENDING LIST until the e-mail arrives.
If, by chance, you receive an e-mail in your Inbox that you consider to be unwelcome, simply Forward the e-mail to and your MyDoorman will intercept this and will provide you with suggestions on what options to change that will help ensure future e-mail screening will be more to your liking.
Itís that simple for you to be able to turn on that 'New Mail Notification' sound again.


Copyright © 2004 by Dale Kramer